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Custom made  Wire Mesh, Expanded & Perforated  Metal Products

Our products are custom made to meet our client's needs and expectations.

Our services include onsite measuring of proposed plans, a detailed breakdown of proposed solution (including cost of Material and Labor), fabrication and material installation, if needed. The products listed can be modified to meet our clients needs.

  1. Managing Director
    Stainless Steel Pipe Handrail
    Custom made for the clients specific needs.
  2. Managing Director
    Stainless Steel Tube and Cable Handrail
    This specific application required a curved rail which was seamless once installed. Custom made to our clients needs.
  3. Managing Director
    Condenser Guards
    We fabricate guards for condensers, transformers, etc. Guards are custom made of wire mesh, expanded metal or perforated metal, with operable front facilitate servicing the condenser.
  4. Managing Director
    Heavy Duty Fencing
  5. Managing Director
    Casement Window Guards
    Expanded Metal Guards allow casement window to open while maintaining security.
  6. Managing Director
    Window Guards
    Exterior window guards fabricated out of expanded metal or wire mesh.
  7. Managing Director
    Security Gates
    Tailgate/overhead door opening, expanded metal enclosure. Folds away when not in use, maintains security when occupants desire opened door ventilation.
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